Blockchainization of Kolionovo Farm Halves the Prices for Its Products

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According to the head and founder of Kolionovo farm Mikhail Shlyapnikov, blockchanization and real-life operation of the farm in ‘friends only’ mode, the organization managed to halve its retail prices for loyal customers.

Shlyapnikov noted that, aside from price cutting, the farm expanded the selection of goods and services due to cooperation with neighboring farms.

“For instance, we added fresh goat milk, soft and hard cheese made out of it, fresh mutton, rabbit, and ready-made and semi-fabricated products of fowl, fish and honey,” Shlyapnikov wrote.

He also noted that the idea of blockchainizing farming business kindled interest in other farmers.

“A few days ago, people interested in our farm’s blockchainization came to visit. There were three groups and three conventional pools of questions, namely from farmers, from organizers of advanced cooperation schemes, and from a private customer and partner,” Shlyapnikov said.

Kolionovo’s blockchain structure has two-level architecture, with the village’s own cryptocurrency of Kolion used on the first level. The second level employs Emercoin platform.

As Forklog wrote before in more detail, recently a farming business located in a small village Kolionovo outside of Moscow has integrated its activities onto blockchain with the help of Emercoin Group.

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