Blockchain to be Used in Yet Another Ukrainian E-Gov Project

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Yet another Ukrainian city became a testing platform for blockchain integration in government management.
Speaking at Blockchain Incredible Party conference in Ukrainian city of Lviv, Oleksii Konashevych, a spokesman to the electronic democracy reforming group, stated that state services platform would employ a blockchain-based voting system.

The project’s test run will be carried out in the town of Vyshgorod (Kyiv oblast). The group has signed a memorandum with the town’s mayor and calls for everyone interested to participate.

Currently, Ukraine remains the cryptocurrency development leader in Eastern Europe. The country hosts lots of conferences, many local cryptocurrency-related projects get launched, and the government considers legalizing bitcoin and other digital currencies.

An Odessa-based project also works on implementing blockchain in the local e-government program. An auction platform for state-owned property privatization will be launched in Odessa oblast. The system’s underlying technology is based on distributed ledgers.

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