Blockchain Platform Waves Announces Partnership with Mycelium

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Shortly after Mycelium announced the new version of their bitcoin wallet to be released this fall, Waves team has announced future integration with the updated wallet.

The announcement was published in the startup’s official blog.

“We’re in the process of forging partnerships with several strategical partners. One of them is, major bitcoin wallet provider. Currently they are upgrading to multi-currency wallet system, and we’ve come to a preliminary agreement that WAVES will be integrated in the new wallet,” the company’s blog post reads.

Wallet provider Mycelium has earlier announced it will hold a crowdsale for 5% of the company’s shares in order to develop new Mycelium Wallet. The product’s concept implies retention of current version’s features along with several new ones, like option of adding different currencies.

“We think that it is much better when the stakeholders are the users, partners and customers of the product. You know how good Mycelium Wallet is, we know how much you trust us, and you can be sure—the new Mycelium will blow you away!” Mycelium CEO Alexander Kuzmin stated back then.

Therefore, the partnership will provide Waves users with additional bonuses as they would be able to use all Mycelium’s new features immediately upon launching.

Waves team has also presented updated version of the project’s lightweight client. The layout is available at


Waves Lite Client GUI Prototype

“The focus is on usability and transparency, client GUI should resemble traditional online banking interfaces, having a flat learning curve,” the developers commented on the interface’s project.

Sasha Ivanov, Waves’ leader, has announced a decentralized blockchain-based crowdfunding platform this March. Over the course of the first hours of crowdsale campaign the company managed to raise around $1 million, and in excess of $2 million by the end of the day. In mid-April, the company has presented the future platform’s testnet to investors and users. At the moment of writing, the ICO’s official escrow address (provided by Mycelium) contains 6463.01072062 BTC, or nearly $2,875,910.51. The tokens will be on sale until late May.

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