Blockchain at KYC’s Service: BlockNotary Develops Video Interview Construction Kit


BlockNotary developers have announced forthcoming release of Blocknotary Dashboard, a blockchain-based construction kit for personal identification tools.

According to the developers team, blockchain is rather young technology, and it’s far from being fulfilled completely, so the decided to create a SaaS (software as a service) solution for Blocknotary users.

“Over the course of working on Dashboard, we assumed our end user knows their operations way deeper and better than a stranger. Therefore, the user will need a flexible and convenient constructing set to build identification processes instead of a limited solution requiring continuous support,” Blocknotary’s official blog reads.

The developers made it their mission to provide potential users a convenient tool enabling them to have control over customer identification at all phases thereof. The system allows for creation of customized interviews of customers, trace the process of interviewing, and manage recorded videos. The application is out-of-box and may be branded for a particular customer.

Blocknotary Dashboard features options for creation and monitoring of ready interviews. A customer may create desired number of questions and set minimum/maximum time to answer. There are three kinds of questions in interviews: 1. Application; 2. ID presentation; 3. Session key reading.

The system’s interface is developed considering multiple queries from a user’s customers to undergo identification. It might be primary identification or additional checks in case of password/PIN code loss or altering personal data.

Currently the system is undergoing beta testing, and is said to be ready for release within 45 days.

As ForkLog reported earlier, Blocknotary’s first practical integration was in partnership with Russian payments system Pay-me this January. The integration enabled the payments system to remotely identify merchants willing to install point of sales at their premises. Before that, Pay-me had to personally interview each customer and use several levels of due diligence. Following the integration, the interviews are carried out online, which accelerates identification and reduces risks of misusing the points of sales.


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