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Blockchain application and sidechain platform Lisk has been officially launched. Version 0.3.0 is publicly available for downloading. The launch anticipated by many, however, experienced some technical difficulties.

To developers and users frustration, the platform’s server could not withstand the load and went offline for a while. The Lisk team, however, managed to solve the problem. Currently it is fully operational.

The team’s statement reads:

“We successfully launched the Lisk network and deployed Lisk v0.3.0 to the public. A truly remarkable moment in history and a turning-point for blockchain application development. It has been five months since we begun our journey into building a competitive blockchain application platform. With this release we are finally ready for the massive crypto-currency community. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support, contributions, and daily communication on the Lisk.Chat. Without you we wouldn’t be here today.”

Specifications for Lisk v0.3.0 are available in the company’s blog and on GitHub.

Additionally, the team has launched LSK tokens trading across several cryptocurrency exchanges, including Poloniex. Notably, LSK managed to become the second in terms of trade volume at the latter, outranked by Ether only.

Lisk was founded by former members of Crypti, Max Kordek and Olivier Beddows as a decentralized apps platform enabling developers to take part in the project’s ecosystem. The platform’s creators make no bones about their intent to compete with Ethereum and to take over a share of its market.

Back in March, Lisk has announced completion of its ICO having raised 14,009 BTC and upwards of 80 million XCR over the course of four weeks-long crowdsale. At the time of the ICO’s completion, this amount was equivalent to $5.9 million.

Recently, new members, namely Isabella Dell, François-Xavier Thoorens, and Joel Fernández have joined Lisk.


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