Bitstamp Accessible from Russia Again

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Cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp stated it is back online in Russia. According to the company’s tweet, the site is available for Russia-based users again.

Nearly a month ago, in January 2016, Bitstamp’s administration announced it had temporarily blocked access to all users from Russia.

According to the exchange’s statement at the time, Russian regulators started restricting access to their exchange for Russian citizens on the background of continuing preparation of draft laws banning bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

“We have not been officially notified of the reason for this action, which we view as unjustified. We are not aware of any misuse of our services involving any Russian customer. Bitstamp poses no threat to the security of Russia or its economy,” the company’s official notice read back then.

Citing the reasons for the resitriction, Bitstamp CEO Nejc KodriÄŤ said that unexplained IP restriction had been lifted.

ForkLog reached Bitstamp for comments and further clarification of the matters, however, the company has not replied at the time of writing.

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