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Bitnation, decentralized platform for virtual nations and provision of traditional public services to its citizens regardless of their place of residence, has announced its partnership with self-proclaimed micronation Liberland.

“Through this partnership, citizens of Liberland around the world, will be able to enjoy services even when they’re not in the physical space of Liberland. Like BITNATION citizens, Liberland citizens will have access to all of BITNATION’s DIY Governance services either for free, or at a significant discount. The current services include a blockchain-based Public Notary, a network of Embassies and Allies around the world, an education program, a refugee program, and more. New services are added every month,” Bitnation’s official press release reads.

Free Republic of Liberland was first proclaimed on 13 April 2015. Geographically, it is located in Gornja Siga, area of around 7 square kilometers between Serbia and Croatia, which is said not to be claimed by either side. The micronation’s official currency will be Bitcoin or some other Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency, while official debt is to be constitutionally prohibited. According to VĂ­t JedliÄŤka, the micronation’s president and Czech libertarian politician and activist, as neither Serbia, nor Croatia have claimed the area, it is so-called ‘terra nullis’, or ‘nobody’s land’, and it has empowered the micronation’s establishment.

According to Bitnation’s press release, Liberland may be considered a perfect partner for creation of a peaceful and voluntary nation for everyone. The existence of an actual state with crowdfunding-based taxation, public projects, and decentralized public services may create a very specific precedent in international practices.

“We admire Liberland’s mission to set a bold precedent for geographical sovereignty. We have great respect for VĂ­t JedliÄŤka and the various people responsible for the self-willed creation of this special ‘city state in the making’,” the company’s blog post reads.

Liberland isn’t Bitnation’s only partner. In late 2015, the organization has started partnership with Estonia’s e-Residency program, which enables anyone to run a business under Estonian laws regardless of nationality and place of residence.

“E-residents, regardless of where they live or do business, will be able to notarize their marriages, birth certificates, business contracts, and much more on the blockchain,” Bitnation commented back then.

Bitnation’s projects, including Ethereum-based virtual constitution, are covered in ForkLog interview with the organization’s leader, Susanne Tarkowski-Tempelhof.

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