BitFury’s Miner Lightbulb Shines at BIP001

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Prototype of bitcoin-mining lightbulb BitLamp by BitFury was presented at Blockchain Incredible Party in Odessa (Ukraine).

ForkLog managed to closely examine the device. In order to activate the bulb, one just has to screw it in a usual socket. The device is controlled via web-interface or a smartphone app. One may also adjust all illumination parameters including the color.

Once connected to the network, the bulb automatically appears on interactive map at – like this one connected to the network in Odessa. The interface also reflects the lightbulb’s hash rate and temperature. Maximum working temperature of the bulb comprises 80 degrees Centigrade. If temperature exceeds the limit, the device’s brightness gradually fades. And, certainly, a user may individually change settings of the pool. For instance, Odessa’s BitLamp was connected to f2pool.

Last month BitFury presented the prototype of a lightbulb capable of cryptocurrency mining. The device will come in retail in late 2015.

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