Bitfinex Spokesperson: All Stolen User Funds Will Be Reimbursed

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After the hacker spree that marked this year’s beginning cyber criminals seemed to go on vacation.

However, today it got about that yet another Bitcoin exchange, Bitfinex, has been hacked. Reddit users rapidly identified the wallet where the criminals sent the funds stolen in the attack. Even though, according to official information, only 0.5% of all user Bitcoins have been stolen, the actual amount of compromised currency is quite impressive. Thus, at the time of writing, the wallet contains 1,581 BTC or $373,436.

Bitfinex spokeserson confirmed to ForkLog that all stolen bitcoins were transacted to the previously stated address. According to the exchange’s representative Ninel Makhmetova, all stolen funds will be reimbursed to the users to the full extent.

Currently our security service is investigating details of the incident and checking other functionality items for vulnerabilities. We’re still learning what’s happened. The investigation’s in progress, she said.

Makhmetova also stressed that security is maintained by the exchange’s administration, and no third parties are involved.

Bitfinex exchange suffered a hacker attack earlier today. The exchange’s administration lost control of their hot wallet at a moment, but thanks to the security service’s efforts only a small amount of bitcoins had been actually stolen.

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