Bitcoin Transaction Volume in 2018 Exceeds $410 Billion

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According to data provided by Blockchain. com, over $410 billion was transacted in Bitcoin (BTC) in 2018, averaging over $13,000 per second.

This was noted in a tweet by Jameson Lopp, a bitcoin developer and CTO at U.S.-based blockchain security startup Casa.

Additionally, during 2018 the number of known Lightning Network channels has grown from 0 to over 19,000 while their capacity has increased from 0 to over 500 BTC, says Lopp.

He also noted a significant growth of RSK and Liquid sidechains. RSK sidechain was launched in January 2018 and is now merge mined by 43% of bitcoin’s hashrate and capitalized with 250 BTC, while Liquid, which is developed by Blockstream, is currently capitalized with 25 BTC from the net value of over 100 peg transactions.

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