Bitcoin Price Tops $800

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Overnight into Wednesday, December 21, bitcoin price has reached its maximum since February 2014 following the new spate of activity on the side of Chinese investors, effectively surpassing $800.

At the time of publication, Bitstamp index peaks at $809.88, with indices at most European and American exchanges showing more or less the same. At the same time, BTC price has soared over $815 at China-based exchanges.

BTC-e is traditionally behind its peers with maximum price of $794.33.


According to Coinmarketcap, the highest volume of BTC/USD transactions within the last 24 hours is attributed to BitMEX ($11,721 million), xBTCe ($7,678 million), and Bitfinex ($7,440 million.)

As for China-based exchanges, BTCC ($1,077 billion), ($1,049 billion), and Huobi ($868,9 million) are in the lead.

Bitcoin market cap has also grown: at the time of publication, it comprises $12,972 billion.

Last Saturday, bitcoin price has already surpassed the $800 mark at Chinese exchanges, while at most Europe and U.S.-based exchanges the cryptocurrency was traded around the $790 mark.

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