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The first version of Bitcoin Classic fork, which implies twofold increase of block size, from current 1 MB to 2 MB, is released. The initial code of Bitcoin Classic 0.11.2 was posted on Github by Bitcoin developer, Gavin Andresen, on February 9. The version is numbered 0.11.2, however, this only means it’s compatible with Bitcoin Core version 0.11.2.

Changes: the release includes 37 commits, and 138 files changed by 15 contributors, including Gavin Andresen, Jeff Garzik, Johnatan Toomim. Full list of changes can be found on GitHub.

Comparing bitcoin_v0.11.2...bitcoinclassic_0.11.2 · bitcoin_bitcoin · GitHub - Google Chrome 2016-02-10 20.21.52

Currently, there are 10.19% of full nodes running Bitcoin Classic. It makes the fork the most popular of those presently in existence.

 More details on:

More details on:

The future versions has been also announced:

“Our next release will be based on Bitcoin Core version 0.12, and is expected to be ready in the next weeks.

In parallel, we will focus development on features that have been requested by miners and companies for a long time now, and that will help Bitcoin scale on-chain:

Faster block validation
Faster block propagation

These features will help alleviate bandwidth issues tremendously, and will make sure nodes & miners can continue to operate properly, without requiring super fast connections.

More importantly, this will enable Bitcoin to scale to a much higher transaction volume.”

Notably, now Jonathan Toomim is only an external advisor for the project while the list of developers, along with Gavin Andresen includes: Jeff Garzik, Pedro Pinheiro, Tom Zander and Jon Rumion.

Bitcoin Classic is a fork of Bitcoin Core’s classic client, and increases block size to 2 megabytes. In case other nodes do not support the initiative and fail to install corresponding software, bitcoin’s blockchain may split into two incompatible parts.

Bitcoin Classic also implies democratic procedures for decision-making on altering the source code. Any user may register at and offer their amendments to the developers.

Should the majority of miners and users support the proposed amendments, they will be implemented.

Several major mining companies earlier expressed their support to Bitcoin Classic. One of the biggest mining pools, Antpool, recently announced it would run beta testing of the fork after the holiday week in China.

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