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ForkLog carries on reviewing popular Bitcoin casinos, and now it’s time for crypto casino where one may find a vast variety of games including European roulette and card-stretch lottery.

Satoshibet casino has existed for about 2 years and is provides its services in several languages including Russian. Apart from Bitcoin, gamblers may use such cryptocurrencies as DOGE, DASH (aka Darkcoin) and LTC. Total amount of gains at the casino has comprised 57,955,746 mBTC (579 Bitcoins) at the time of writing.

Apart from traditional and well-accustomed poker, roulette, and black jack, Satoshibet also offers several slots (gambling machine simulators) including Kamasutra slot, fruity slot and several adventurous slots.

Bonus system

Newcomers are subject to a bonus system. Having deposited some amount, a new user is granted +100% of the deposited sum by the administration. However, as for now, the system covers only deposits in bitcoin. Apart from that lump-sum bonus for the first balance replenishment, there are other bonus programs. Satoshibet also distributes deposit bonus codes at Twitter, Bitcointalk, and Reddit.

Fair game

Such games as roulette, black jack, dice and online gambling machines are amongst the most popular ones with Satoshibet customers. All games are available via web interface which means no downloads are required. Each game at the casino is rated probably fair, and conditions are generated with a dedicated cryptographic algorithm.

A user can individually check for game outcome fairness at any time. However, that system has already become a lex non scripta for cryptocurrency casinos. One may check a game here: .

It also should be noted that all payments are executed instantly and require no confirmations in bitcoin network. In order to sign in one doesn’t have to provide additional personal data or upload ID scans, as opposed to classical online casinos.

Transparency and fairness are among the most important features of cryptocurrency businesses, leastwise because the industry is still emerging and any non-transparent/unfair business model is doomed for failure. Satoshibet is a great example of how one could and should work in cryptocurrency gambling industry. If you like playing and winning, join

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