Bitcoin as a Feminist Weapon


Gender differentiation today looks outdated and uncourteous in today’s society, not because there are no differences of that kind, but because depriving people on that basis is a mere nineteenth century.

Some people just tend to discriminate others, but they’re inconsistent, and choose the most illogical concepts from the bunch of coal-and-steam ideas, even though they could believe that the Sun originates meteors, cars can’t go faster than 40 mph, and that light is the fluctuation of ether.

However, even now women generally earn less than their male colleagues for the same job. There are some exceptions, of course, but there’s not as much as we would want. One of my employers is a giant financial conglomerate with 80% of female workers, which pays proportionally to the job done. If you discriminate 80% of your employees, they would hardly be very enthusiastic about singing your corporate anthem every morning.

In average, a woman earns 75% of man’s salary for the same job. One US-based store recently demonstrated the unfairness of this approach by providing 25% discount to all female customers and requiring the full sum from male ones. This proportion sadly works in nearly every industry, from cleaning to film industry. In fact, the only industry where women earn more than men for the same job is porn, which is also demeaning for women in most cases.

Every time I encountered such attitude, my first thought was to set the director’s bald head on fire. Or a beard. Or whatever he wears on his head. After all, I’m an educated person, I know what I do, and some people, dare I say, consider my opinion with respect. Is there an article in the company’s charter stating that penis brings bonuses, especially considering that overall IQ of all managers in the room is less than mine? I came here to earn money, not scores in a funny game of collecting sexist comments to win a replica of Twilight Sparkle.

So, now’s the time to turn on ‘New York, New York’ and see bitcoin going onstage. There are two very important advantages for those who, just like me, work at home and go to sleep at five in the morning. Those advantages are transparency and pseudonymity. If a hypothetical employer and myself agreed that my wages will be denominated in BTC, they wouldn’t even know who I am. I could show them my portfolio and call myself Galactic Cinderella Euthanasia or Abaddon Psychotronson. Bitcoin’s anonymity, in fact, incentivizes employers, whatever medieval principles they might adhere to, to pay the exact cost of the work without any reference to the contractor’s genitalia. If that hypothetical employer has lots of contractors of my kind (i.e. asking for bitcoins in exchange for work), they will have to abandon all hopes for saving some money on X chromosome: blockchain will let everyone see who got paid for what, while the payment itself would go to an anonymous address.

Certainly, it would’ve been way better if the employer hadn’t suspected every female worker in secret desire to take a maternity leave as soon as possible, or to do her job poorly due to alleged inferiority of female intelligence. Lots of people did their best to put a lid on that idiocy, but things aren’t moving as fast as they could have.

Cryptocurrency may accelerate the process by obviously proving that the payment goes for a job, and job only, while everything else is a personal matter that shouldn’t influence business relations more than crash of a Russian satellite influences astrological forecasts. A woman on a maternity leave needs money just as anybody else, so online work would be the best option for her. All excuses some companies produce trying to describe how female physiology may impact their business are futile, and barely cover their outdated beliefs.

Cryptocurrency payments may perfectly reveal the senselessness of such beliefs, equalize payment terms for employees of whatever gender, and finally make a paradigm shift in common consciousness.

Jenny Aysgarth

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