Belarusian Developer Creates a Socket Selling Power for Ethereum

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A bitcoin enthusiast and blockchain developer from Belarus has assembled a ‘smart socket’ capable of selling power and WiFi connection for Ethereum tokens. The smart socket’s creator, Valery Litvin, is also one of developers. He told ForkLog the socket will be officially presented on May 21 at Blockchain Conference Kyiv.

“The socket sells power for Ether, and also may sell WiFi, or, later on, even share it free of charge for some specific services, like mobile account replenishment and so on. It would enable creation of an entire platform, and make installation of those sockets a profitable business for everyone!” Konstantin Lomashuk, Litvin’s colleague from, wrote on his Facebook page.

Earlier, two neighbours from Brooklyn have entered into an agreement involving Ethereum blockchain usage for electric power selling. The deal for sale of excessive power was concluded between Eric Frumin and Bob Sauchelli thanks to TransActive Grid’s initiative, which is a joint project of LO3 and ConsenSys.

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