Baltic Honeybadger 2019 Welcomes Saifedean Ammous, Dr. Adam Back and Other Prominent Bitcoin Experts

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The Baltic Honeybadger conference is a major Bitcoin event in both Riga, Latvia and the world, dedicated to Bitcoin and the technologies built around it. The goal of the conference is to create an educational and community-driven event with high-profile speakers from all around the world, and coming from different backgrounds — from technical engineers and cybersecurity professionals to business owners and bestselling authors.

Over the two years of its existence, it has attracted the most talented, driven and passionate Bitcoiners from around the world and has established itself as one of the leading conferences worldwide, the conference was attended by people like Andreas Antonopoulos, Elizabeth Stark, Adam Back, Peter Todd, Tuur Demeester, Tone Vays, Giacomo Zucco, Eric Lombrozo and others.

This year, Baltic Honeybadger will be visited by people such as Adam Back, Jimmy Song, Rodolfo Novak, Murad Mahmudov, Max Keiser, Saifedean Ammous and others.

The Baltic Honeybadger conference is driven by the cypherpunk movement. There are no promotions of the various so called altcoins, ICOs, banks and other blockchain-based “snake oil”, but topics such as Lightning Network, Bitcoin regulation, security, investments, trading, etc. are discussed.

As the organizers state:

“The conference is held for 2 days with a packed schedule of talks, 1 on 1s and panels, culminating in a chill informal afterparty-patio outside, where people can drink beer (or wine, if you prefer), enjoy an informal conversation and meet new friends.”

The conference is going to take place in Riga, Latvia, from the 14th to 15th of September, 2019. Tickets can be bought with Bitcoin or fiat on the official site:

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