Attic Lab Showcases a Coffee Vending Machine Accepting Smart Money

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Ukrainian startup Attic Lab installed a coffee vending machine accepting Smart Money at the Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference Kiev held this Friday, September 23.

According to Attic Lab’s co-founder Sergey Vasilchiuk, the team came up with the idea when their office’s gate was connected to Smart Money.

“The gate at the entrance to our office is operated by a pretty outdated mechanism, and we couldn’t find a remote for it. Eventually we decided to make one ourselves and to link it to our Smart Money platform, so that the gate would open via a transaction. Now our employees have a wallet rather than a remote, and it transfers money for gate-opening. The gate has earned 183 hryvnias so far. But then we thought that gate is actually a boring idea, so we decided to add something new. Someone said he had an old coffee machine, and we told him to bring it so that we could upgrade it and make it accept e-money,” Vasilchiuk said.

According to him, the team sought to demonstrate capabilities of the blockchain technology and its real-life applications that way.

“It’s not just a geek thing; it is the real money we use every day. So it’s not about paying with it online, but about the opportunity for using it to pay, say, for a cup of coffee.”

The cup of coffee, by the way, was worth just 10 hryvnias (less than $0.50).

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