ASIC Mining Makes It to Dash

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Two China-based manufacturers, DualMiner and Pinidea, announced they had developed first ASIC chips for mining of Dash. The ASICs generate enormous hash rate, so the network becomes less attack-prone.

Commenting on the news, Dash founder Evan Duffield said that there’s no better technology to keep Dash network working. He noted that the only problem with ASICs is possible centralization of mining seen in Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Mining decentralization problem may also be solved. Even though no official details have been pronounced yet, Duffield stressed that centralization risks increase due to unbalanced rewarding.

Duffield also mentioned that private mining with exclusive hardware versions prior to becoming publicly available, mining at extremely low power cost, and mining with cheap workpower make mining profitable only in a few places around the world.

Dash developers don’t consider replacing the cryptocurrency’s hashing algorithm X11 with something more ASIC-resistant. Instead, they intend to re-balance the stimuli within a new model, which includes both X11 algorithm and ASIC technologies.

Xinjiang Shao, web developer at Pinidea, the company that manufactures X11 ASICs has confirmed it is very interested in Dash’s future. He also expressed his hope that Dash will continue developing as a commonly convenient way of settlements. He confirmed that Pinidea would do its best to make Dash less centralized even as ASIC devices evolve.

ASIC mining in Dash is considered mostly positive, provided centralization risks are mitigated. ASIC not only enhanced network security, it is also very expensive to develop. The very fact that two companies dedicated their resources to create ASIC devices looks very promising.

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