As DECENT Network Nears Launch Project’s CEO Talks About Major Milestones and Challenges


According to the DECENT Network team, the long-awaiting launch of the project is just around the corner, and prior to this preview of the web-based DECENT GO application and its main features has been released.

According to the blog post, DECENT GO is a Google Play-like Digital Marketplace built on top of the DECENT Blockchain Network which allows content publishing and buying on a peer-to-peer principle. It includes all the features of DECENT presented during the testing phase.

This follows the successful ICO campaign last year during which DECENT has raised close to 6000 BTC and launch of “Alberti’, DECENT’s Testnet #2. As DECENT continues advancing its mission of liberating global digital content distribution, ForkLog spoke to the startup’s CEO Matej Michalko, asking him to shed more light on recent developments and future plans.

FL: Hello Matej, it’s been quite a while since we talked last time. How is it going with DECENT project overall?

MM: Hello, yes it has and we have accomplished a lot since then. Thanks for asking. DECENT project is going according to the plan thanks to our team of experienced professionals which make up the perfect foundation for such a project to be successful.

FL: What major milestones have you reached so far?

MM: The prototype was presented in January 2016, 9 months before the ICO, which eventually collected more than 5881 BTC (today’s value of $16.4M). In March 2017, we successfully debuted Testnet #1 “Caesar”. Then, in June 2017, we introduced Testnet #2 “Alberti”, and the official launch of our Mainnet is on schedule as planned for June, 2017.

FL: Will you tell more about your partners that already are or will be connected to the DECENT network?

Currently we are in negotiations with our future partners and we will announce the details when the deals are finalized.

FL: What types of content, aside from blogs, will be available after the launch?

MM: DECENT allows for the distribution of any and all types of digital content: games, video, music, text, pictures, E-books, software, VR content, academic papers and more.

FL: What is your market expansion strategy?

MM: Our main goal is to ensure the worldwide adoption of DECENT technology. The biggest challenge is to get out of the ‘early adopters period’ to the mass market. This is the reason why the entire DECENT team pays attention to our community and attends international events. We are trying to spread the word and let people know what advantages DECENT brings to the world of digital content distribution.

FL: Who are DECENT’s end users and why do you believe your software will benefit them?

MM: DECENT’s end users are content owners of all types of digital content who want to share it with the community and/or they are content consumers who will search for and download content which they are interested in.

FL: There were plenty of events recently, both in the cryptocurrency industry and on the political stage. Did they impact your initial plans? Did you have to change anything?

MM: As we can see, cryptocurrencies all over the world are gaining popularity as people are showing more trust in them. Their volume is increasing and therefore I believe we are on the way to mass market adoption. We are fortunate to have stayed in line with our initial plans.

FL: What kind of experience have you gained from ICO campaign?

MM: The outcome of our ICO was the confirmation of trust between investors and the idea behind DECENT. We have raised enough funds to cover our development cost, marketing, organisational and legal expenses needed to prepare for the launch of DECENT Network. A big ‘thank you’ goes to all our supporters who made DECENT a reality.

FL: What was the hardest thing about it?

MM: The hardest thing about it was finding the right people. It was a very valuable and yet stressful experience that was worth all the effort and sleepless nights our team had. We have discovered all the peculiarities of crowdfunding and marketing within the crypto-community. The success of the ICO represented a proof that our vision and idea of a decentralized digital content marketplace is considered as potentious by many people from around the globe.

FL: What kind of advice you would give to startups considering launching an ICO?

MM: There are plenty of projects that organize the ICO without having a single line of code written. DECENT presented its first and fully functioning prototype 8 months before the ICO launch.

MM: Communicate, showcase and prove the concept. The Blockchain ecosystem is full of scam attempts. To be successful, everyone needs to have a clear vision, open-minded communication and deep focus on the actual product development.

FL: Is there any specific date set for the launch?

MM: The launch is planned for June 2017

FL: Many users are also eager to know what exchanges the DCT token will be trading at?

MM: We are currently in negotiations with various exchanges and we will inform our partners and the public as soon as the information is official.

Matej Michalko was interviewed by Andrew Asmakov

Do you have more questions about DECENT Network? Matej Michalko, DECENT’s founder and CEO is going to have an AMA session on Wednesday, June 14th, 3PM CET.

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