Another Major Chinese Exchange Supports Ethereum Classic

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China’s biggest ETH exchange CHBTC has announced it launches Ethereum Classic trades, Twitter account cnLedger reported.

Last week, exchange Yunbi announced it supports Ethereum Classic. Alongside with mining pool, CHBTC is a member of Bitbank group. It is one of three biggest Chinese Bitcoin trading platforms in terms of trade volumes, outranked only by Huobi and OKcoin. The exchange ranks first in terms of ETH/CNY trades.

Last week, the exchange stated it would restrain from supporting ETC, though providing an option of withdrawing ETC coins generated after the Ethereum hard fork.

Bitbank, in its turn, has distanced itself from statements by’s Chandler Go concerning 51% attack on Ethereum Classic.

Notably, as far as Go’s latest statement reads, he has completely changed his mind, now intending to use the platform’s capacities to support ETC. itself is also ready to include ETC on the list of supported cryptocurrencies. The company’s CEO Yao Yuan stated that, once the community supports the idea of ETC, and miners show their demand, the company will consider supporting ETC mining.

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