Anonymous Person Donates 38 BTC to Africa’s Water Supply Project

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An anonymous donator has sent 38 BTC amounting to $23,000 to charity fund BitGive. The money will be used to maintain operations of The Water Project in Africa.

The Water Project is a charitable organization that provides sustainable water projects to communities in Kenya, Uganda and Sierra Leone.

BitGive helped the organization to accumulate funds to drill a water well in Western Kenya. The well provides clear water to the local community of 500 people and a high school for girls.

BitGive published a video describing the changes in Kenya caused by using cryptocurrencies. It initiated another flow of donations, the biggest of which (38 BTC) was sent by an anonymous donator.

“Today you gave enough BTC – totally anonymously – to provide clean, safe water and sanitation facilities to an entire school AND for the monitoring and repair funds to keep it working for years to come. We’ll be identifying the exact site (likely in Sierra Leone or Kenya) and will post details on our Bitcoin Donation Page soon,” a reddit post by the water project team stated.

The foundation hopes their efforts would help overcome negative attitude towards Bitcoin in nations like the US, where cryptocurrency is still widely perceived as a payment tool for illegal trade platforms.


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