Ambisafe Urges Ethereum to Revise Hardfork Conditions

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The Ambisafe team asked EthCore developers to revise their gas limitations issued in the course of preparation for yet another hardfork. They developers insist such limits would break the the company’s service.

Earlier, EthCore recommended miners to adjust for the gas limit of 500k until the hardfork process is completed.

Ambisafe responded with a call to revise such recommendations.

The new hardfork is supposed to optimize the network’s operation and prevent multiple attacks it has been facing in recent weeks. It could have occurred as early as a week ago, but hasn’t happened yet. EthCore representatives also added that Ethereum Foundation will soon issue a statement in this respect.

The decision to execute hardfork that will automatically adjusts gas cost on the network was caused by recent attacks on Ethereum. The network started experiencing technical difficulties, while several exchanges claiming there were transaction delays.

According to Vitalik Buterin’s recent post on Reddit, there are several categories of solutions that have been considered by Ethereum.

  • Miner voting – allow miners to vote on the price of each individual opcode
  • Market-based schemes – allow transactions to specify what gas schedule they execute with, and allow miners to choose what gas schedules they accept
  • Timing games – come up with an in-protocol challenge-response algorithm to encourage transaction senders to find transactions that take a long time to process, and use this information to determine which opcodes need to be made more expensive

Earlier Ambisafe announced a platform that automatically issues tokens on Ethereum blockchain. Its basic purpose is to automatize initial coin offerings. According to Andrei Zamovsky, Ambisafe CEO, his team has been developing the project was being developed for six months, with the platform now available in aplha.

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