Ambisafe Announces a Blockchain Platform for ICO

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Over the course of Blockchain Conferency Kyiv, Ambisafe CEO Andrey Zamovski told ForkLog about the team’s new project.

“Today we announce a platform for automatic issuance of tokens on Ethereum blockchain. Its main purpose is to bring maximum automation to ICO’s. We believe that ICO is a new and the most promising way to raise funds online, so our target audience is non-tech businesses unaware of how to issue a cryptocurrency, and how to use it [thereafter]. So we provide tools to enable them to issue their shares and place them at exchanges semi-automatically,” Zamovsky said.

According to Zamovsky, Ambisafe has been developing the platform for the last six months, so now it is available in alpha at The project won’t hold its own ICO, as it is a finished tool for other companies to launch crowdsales. There will be no issuance fee involved, and Ambisafe will essentially function as a transfer agent, i.e. a company ensuring issuance and servicing of certificates, shares, and securities.

“Our platform might have something in common with NXT and Bitshares, but they are decentralized. Therein, you pay a network fee, and there’s no central support center you may contact. We offer a full range of services, from conceptualization assistance to web design, marketing and exchange integration, i.e. it’s everything a company may need to place their shares at a crypto-exchange,” Zamovsky added.

The full version of the project will be available next week. According to the developers, they faced some problems due to the ongoing DDoS attack on Ethereum network.

Andrey Zamovsky, Ambisafe CEO and InChain team member, was moderating the development section of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev 2016. In his recent interview he suggested the mass transition of Ethereum to PoS would be one of the most important events in the industry, and eventually it could even change the market structure.


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