A 24/7 Cryptobar to Open in Moscow

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Moscow-based entrepreneur and bitcoin enthusiast Vladimir Shin has announced he intends to open the first cryptobar in Russia’s capital. The place is called Crypton and will be located in Paveletskaya Embankment. Shin hopes it would become a center of attraction for local bitcoin community.

“Actually, it would just be a place where the bitcoin brethren could gather, discuss things or just chat. There’s no other purpose. There are places like this in Amsterdam and other places in Europe, so why shouldn’t they be in Russia as well?” Shin said at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia earlier this week.


The bar would accept fiat as well, however, bitcoin wallet owners will have additional options like using a vending machine. Crypton is expected open shortly.

“I reckon we’ll open before the New Year,” Shin said.

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