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Ambisafe Urges Ethereum to Revise Hardfork Conditions

The Ambisafe team asked EthCore developers to revise their gas limitations issued in the course of preparation for yet another hardfork. They developers insist such limits would break the the company’s service.

Ambisafe Announces a Blockchain Platform for ICO

Over the course of Blockchain Conferency Kyiv, Ambisafe CEO Andrey Zamovski told ForkLog about the team’s new project.

Ambisafe CEO: Mining Industry May Sink Into Oblivion After the PoS Switch

Andrey Zamovsky, Ambisafe CEO and InChain team member, will be moderating the development section of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev 2016, a major event to be held September 23.

Ambisafe Offers a New Standard for Cryptowallet API’s

Ukrainian blockchain startup Ambisafe offered a new standard for cryptowallet API’s, which is said to accelerate integration of new currencies by exchange operators, as well as exclude the necessity for own wallet service development.

Mallorca Blockchain Days Inaugural Conference to Gather Prominent Crypto Experts

Mallorca Blockchain, the series of Bitcoin and Blockchain meetups, has announced Mallorca Blockchain Days, its inaugural conference for blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, which aims to bring those at the forefront of crypto technologies together.

What Will The Future Hold for Bitcoin in 2017?

2016 has brought more drama in the world of cryptocurrencies: the rise and the fall of The DAO, Ethereum’s controversial hard fork and subsequent emergence of Ethereum Classic, and the attack on Bitfinex, among others. Certainly, all of us would like to know what’s on the table now.

Kibo: the Entangled Tale of a Crypto Lottery

After our earlier feature on the accusations addressed to Kibo by some community members was published, ForkLog has undertaken its own investigation with experts, developers, lawyers and active members of the Russian-speaking cryptocommunity providing their assistance.

Users Accuse Blockchain-Based Lottery KIBO of Scam

As of October 1, KIBO has been running its ICO having raised Ethereum-denominated equivalent of $3 million so far. During this time, ForkLog received numerous letters from our readers pointing out about the project’s dubious reputation and going as far as accusing the platform’s creators of being downright scammers.

Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference Kiev: Report

ForkLog attended Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference held September 23 in Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv. This year, the conference has featured three sections: one for newbies, one for pros, and one for developers.

Ethereum Smart Contracts and Insurance: Problems and Solutions

In his recent blog post on Medium Andrei Zamovsky, CEO and developer of Ambisafe, a company that has recently joined blockchain insurance platform Inchain, explains the operation of oracles in Ethereum, as well as their employment in insurance of events beyond blockchain.

InChain Set to Provide Assets Insurance at Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The idea of creating an insurance platform for the cryptocurrency industry has been on the front burner for a while. There are plenty of stories telling how blockchain and bitcoin related projects fail because of hackers, insufficient security or simply human errors. All these factors impede the industry’s development, scare people away, and cause mass […]

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev Agenda Announced

The third annual Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev will take place on September 23, 2016, in the capital of Ukraine. According to Smile Expo, the event’s organizers, this year’s conference will be the largest industry event in the post-Soviet space.

Humankind Evolution: Liberté, Égalité, Chaîne de blocs

These days, blockchain ceased being a mere computer technology with limited scope of applications, but a sort of a philosophic concept applicable anywhere in human society. In particular, it may be successfully implemented in state building and reformation of both governance systems and the society in general.

Smile-Expo Organizers Shed Light on Preparation for Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague

The day when Czech Republic’s capital of Prague will host yet another cryptotechnology conference Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague is drawing nearer. The conference is expected to throw sunshine on the industry’s most recent achievements. ForkLog contacted the conference’s organizers, Smile-Expo, to find out more about preparations for the event.

Elections in Ukraine May Run on Ethereum’s Blockchain

KYIV, UKRAINE, 02.11.2016 – Memorandum concerning creation of E-vox, Ethereum-based electronic election system, was signed. The system in question will be used for holding election at any level, varying from municipal councils to the national parliament. Presently, the system is an Ethereum-based smart contract prototype taking into account Ukrainian political peculiarities. The prototype was developed […]

Number of Ethereum Transactions Tripled Following the Launch of Elephant Platform

During the launch of financial platform Elephant, number of transactions in the Ethereum network tripled, and comprised 21,000 at press time. As of today, Elephant services over 30,000 . It is considered one of the biggest Ethereum-based projects.

Elephant Announces a Multifunctional Ethereum-based Platform

Recently it was announced that a multifunctional economic Ethereum-based platform dubbed Elephant is about to be launched. The platform includes a set of financial and investment tools. It incorporates 12 internal projects oriented towards various user groups. Elephant’s native settlement token is called elCoin, which allows for smart contracts and colored coins, which is an […]

BIP001 in Odessa – live stream

Read in Russian 18:50 This is the end. Full review later. 17:45 Next speaker is Matej Boda from DECENT about his Web 3.0 Fully Decentralised Independent Publishing Platform. Decent is independent decentralized web 3.0 platform for creative people, authors and many more. Decent is independent: nobody decides which content to publich. 17:20 Alexander Vasylchenko: There […]