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Russia’s Sberbank Conducts First Blockchain Payment Transaction

Sberbank has become the first Russian bank to carry out a payment transaction using the blockchain technology, which allows transfers within a few seconds.

Russia’s Sberbank Among Almost 50 New Members of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank has joined Enterprise Ethereum Alliance seeking a new way to capitalize on international markets. The bank is the first Russian bank to become a member of the alliance.

Sberbank Official Says National Cryptocurrency Is a Foundation for Digital Economy

Over this year, Sberbank, Russia’s biggest bank, has proven its interest in blockchain technology in practice. The bank has launched several major blockchain-related projects focused on IT, insurance, trade financing, and documents exchange between companies and departments.

Sberbank Subsidiary Launches Cornerstone, a Blockchain Service for Protected Transactions

Delovaya Sreda (“Business Environment”), a subsidiary of Sberbank of Russia, has launched Cornerstone, a free service for execution of protected transactions using blockchain technology.

Russian Sberbank and Federal Antimonopoly Service Launch Joint Blockchain-Based Project

According to Sberbank’s press office, the biggest state owned bank in Russia has joined forces with the Federal Antimonopoly Service to launch Digital Ecosystem, a project aimed at transferring and storing documents in encrypted form using a digital signature.

Russia’s Sberbank Outlines Its Blockchain Strategy

Sberbank CTO Pavel Khodalev took to the stage at the Global Blockchain Summit in Shanghai talking about the bank’s blockchain strategy going forward.

Sberbank of Russia to Develop a Blockchain-based IT Platform

Speaking to Russian TV channel Russia 24, head of Sberbank German Gref stated that the country’s largest state-owned bank intends to complete the development of its blockchain-based IT platform by the end of 2018. According to Gref, currently some elements of the platform are undergoing testing, with industry-wide operation to commence the next year. “We […]

Head of Sberbank Predicts Devolution of Russia Should It Ban Bitcoin

German Gref, head of Russia’s biggest state-owned bank Sberbank, said that penalizing Bitcoin in Russia will result in blockchain development’s halting and regress of the country in general.

Russia: Former Minister for Finance and Sberbank Chairman Speak about Blockchain’s Potential

During the business lunch at Sberbank of Russia, the bank’s chairman German Gref and former minister for finance of Russia Alexei Kudrin shared their vision of blockchain’s potential in Russia. In particular, they described the way the technology could possibly alter the country’s public management. According to Interfax Russia, Alexei Kudrin said: “Basing on what […]

Alexander Shulgin: Cryptocurrencies Are Pioneers That Will Perish For the Future Generations

Cryptoindustry is on the march, which is hardly a secret for anyone now. Still, many officials as well as community members can’t imagine what will it be like in a couple of years, not to mention in a decade or two. For that reason ForkLog contacted renowned composer, well-known visionary and venture investor Alexander Shulgin […]

Russian Central Bank Considers Cryptocurrency Trading at a Local Exchange

According to Sergei Shvetsov, the first deputy chairman of the Bank of Russia, a local Russian exchange may start cryptocurrency trading.

Russian Celebrity Alexander Shulgin on Decentralization and Inevitability of a New Reality

The technological revolution including cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is boggling the minds of the contemporaries, launching the most daring and fantastic scenarios of our civilization’s future. Talking with ForkLog, a well-known Russian visionary, composer, venture investor and founder of corporate group Familia Alexander Shulgin shared his vision of blockchain technology and the system of tomorrow’s […]

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia 2016 as It Happened

Moscow hosted Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia on November 10, one of the biggest industry events in Eastern Europe.

Russian Billionaire Interested in Industrial Scale Bitcoin Mining

According to Forbes sources, Suleiman Kerimov, CEO of Nafta Moscow, is considering launching a massive cryptocurrency-related project.

Moscow Financial Forum to Discuss Blockchain Prospects

Blockchain technology and fintech innovations will be among the dominant themes at the Moscow Financial Forum which starts on Thursday, September 23.

Russian Officials and Businesses Discuss Cryptocurrencies

Wednesday, August 24 – A meeting dedicated to the place for blockchain technology in Russia and possibility of its nation-wide implementation was held in Moscow, at the Russian president administration HQ, with the state internet counsellor German Klimenko as the chairman.

Moscow’s Active Citizen Project to Implement Blockchain

Speaking at the meeting with the Russian president’s administration, Deputy Director of Moscow’s IT Department, Andrei Belozerov, stated that they were ready to implement blockchain technology in the project dubbed Active Citizen.

Russia Plans to Become a Blockchain Leader by 2035

According to Russian news agency TASS, the country’s authorities are planning to propel Russia to the top of technologically advanced nations. For that purpose, they created National Technological Initiative focused on long-term strategy of technological advancement.

Russian Central Bank: Evolution of Fintech Companies Will Cause Bank Affiliations to Disappear

Development of financial technologies and fintech companies will optimize the Russian banking network, while the banks themselves will be engaged in creating infrastructure for fintech companies providing various services to their customers. This is the brief extract of the speech given at Fintech Lab 2016 on June 28 by Vadim Kalukhov, director for financial technology […]

QIWI: Five Banks to Join Russian Take on R3

Russia’s blockchain consortium will initially incorporate five banks along with the project’s initiator, payments processor QIWI, and the Bank of Russia as a regulator.

Well-Known Lawyer to Head Russian Blockchain Community

 June 6, the management board of elected Artem Tolkachev as its chairman instead of Alex Fork.

The Cryptocurrency Roundtable in the Russian Parliament: Results and Possible Consequences

On June 2, the Russian parliament held a roundtable, or a conference, titled Perspectives of Implementation and Development of Blockchain Technology in Russia.

Russian Internet Ombudsman Calls Bitcoin Banning Attempts ‘Downright Ludicrous’

According to Dmitry Marinichev, Russia’s Internet ombudsman, the government’s attempts to interfere in the development of blockchain technology, and to ban bitcoins, are totally meaningless.

QIWI to Lead Russian R3 Effort

According to Russian news outlet Izvestia, local payments processor QIWI intends to become the driving force behind creation of a consortium of Russian banks interested in development of blockchain applicability standards.

Bitcoin Skyrocketing, Public Services & Blockchain, and Platforms Launching. Cryptospace News, April 16-23

Bitcoin price growing, new investments in the industry, ambitious statements on practical application of blockchain technology – all highlights of crypto-industry’s week presented in ForkLog’s weekly overview.

VP Of Major Russian Bank Predicts Blockchain Will Cause Banks to Disappear by 2026

Vice President of Sberbank of Russia, the country’s biggest state-owned bank, Andrei Sharov believes banks may disappear by 2026 because of blockchain technology’s impact. “In ten years, I’m afraid, there will be no banks, and I won’t have any job. Now, peer-to-peer crediting platforms are effectively developing, just as blockchain-based payments technologies,” he told Rambler […]

Russian Ministry of Finance Proposes 7 Years of Imprisonment for Issuance of Cryptocurrencies

Russian ministry of finance proposes to introduce a punishment of seven year-long imprisonment for issuance of money surrogates including cryptocurrencies, Interfax reported with a reference to the agency’s sources in the ministry. The notification as to preparation of relevant amendments to the Criminal Code of Russia was published on March 10 on a site dedicated […]

The Central Bank of Russia Expects Blockchain-based Financial Systems to Emerge by 2018

The Bank of Russia believes that emergence of blockchain-based systems for financial markets is very likely to happen in 2017 or 2018.

Why Russian Government Should Forget about the Blockchain Technology

Last week, Russia’s ‘official’ bitcoin enthusiast and, as a second job, the head of Sberbank, German Gref, has finally found an ally, Alexei Kurdin, former minister for finance. A bit earier, speaking at Gaidar Forum, Gref stated that “all government systems, and education, including everything from kindergartens to universtities, have to be changed in the […]

Russia-based Bank to Launch a Blockchain Accelerator

According to an article posted by, Tatfondband creates a fintech lab in Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia) in cooperation with venture investment fund Life.SREDA. The companies expect the companies selected for acceleration will engage in development of blockchain-related services.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Current State of Bitcoin in Russia (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Recent development of affairs in Russia may signify that Russian officials have divided into two camps. While usually depicted as a monolith, Russian government en masse incorporates two opposing groups, usually dubbed securocrats and techlibs (an acronym for technology liberals). The former usually have something to do with various law enforcement or intelligence agencies, while […]

The Banks and the Blockchain

The year 2015 has certainly become the year when major banks finally faced the fact that innovations cannot be overcome, and that the old system is in decline.

Russian Ministry of Finance: Development for Blockchain, and Ban for Bitcoin

Interest towards blockchain in Russia continues growing, while bitcoin still faces the perspective of banning. Russian Ministry of Finance confirmed its intent to ban cryptocurrency in an exclusive comment to ForkLog.

Russia’s Biggest Bank Considers Implementation of the Blockchain Technology

Sberbank, Russia’s biggest state-owned bank, is planning to join R3 in order to develop its services with the blockchain technology. This was announced by the bank’s deputy chairman, Leo Khasis, in an interview to Kommersant.

Cryptotechnology Beyond Prohibition: An Interview with Bitruble Project Managers

Earlier this September, Russias largest payment processor QIWI has announced its plans to launch its proprietary cryptocurrency dubbed bitruble.

Another cryptocurrency eulogy – part 2

SPECIAL: Read in Russian! Part 1 read here. Meanwhile in the State Duma It’s time to go down to earth, i.e. In Russia. According to local authorities, cryptocurrency is a hardly understandable and probably dangerous phenomenon, so it’s easier to ban it rather than break their heads over what to do with it. A perfect […]