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Dogecoin Surpasses Zcash in Total Market Cap, Enters CoinMarketCap’s Top-20

Dogecoin (DOGE), has surpassed the market capitalization of Zcash (ZEC), one of the top privacy coins. Over the past 24 hours, DOGE has surged more than 13%, adding close to $80 million to its market cap.

Dogecoin Soars Over 140% In Three Days as Dogethereum Smart Contracts Launch Nears

Dogecoin moved to the 21st place in CoinMarketCap rankings on Saturday, September 1, following an impressive price run growth which saw this “joke coin” gaining over 140 percent over the last three days and reaching 0.00000085 BTC on several exchanges.

Dogecoin to be Integrated in Ethereum’s Smart Contracts

In a recent discussion on Reddit, Vitalik Buterin said that “joke coin” Dogecoin would be moved onto the Ethereum network. In particular, it covers usage of DOGE coins in Ethereum’s smart contracts.

Looking for the Meaning, or Dogecoin Longs for Rebranding (Op-Ed)

After Darkcoin’s rebranding into Dash, which was primarily justified by a necessity of expansion and finding new markets, cryptocurrency community might as well join the rebranding trend like domino.

Dead Man’s Chest: A Story of QuadrigaCX CEO Gerald Cotten Who Took $137 Million Worth of Users’ Assets to the Grave

On December 9, 2018, in the Indian city of Jaipur QudrigaCX CEO Gerald Cotten (30) allegedly died of cardiac arrest. He was reported to have suffered from Crohn’s disease and on the day of his death turned out to be the only holder of private keys to cold wallets with QuadrigaCX’s users’ assets worth $137 […]

Cryptocurrency Development Activity Paints Positive Picture for Bitcoin and Ethereum – Report

A recently released report on developer activity around cryptocurrency projects reveals interesting patterns about crypto networks’ environments.

WhalePanda: Bitcoin Will Be a Global Reserve Currency

Forklog spoke to WhalePanda, a well-known cryptocurrency trader and Bitcoin maximalist. WhalePanda’s voice is specifically strong on Twitter where he has over 205,00 followers, as well as on other social media channels.

Kraken Launches OTC Block Trading Service

U.S.-based bitcoin exchange Kraken has announced a major expansion to its OTC trading platform which will enhance the execution of large block trades for clients worldwide.

Canada’s Largest Crypto Exchange to Expand to Europe

Coinsquare, Canada’s largest trading platform for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, announced its planned expansion into the European market, set for Q4 2018.

Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies in Our Lives: ForkLog Readers Poll Results

Several weeks ago, ForkLog announced a readers poll, with 1,038 users participating. Our editorial board has summarized the readers’ answers, so that everyone could decide for themselves as to the degree of cryptocurrency integration in our lives.

KeepKey Integrates Ethereum

KeepKey, creator of the world’s premier hardware wallet, has today announced an integration with Ethereum due to soaring community demand. The second most valuable digital asset, currently holding a total market capitalization of over $850 million USD, will go live on the KeepKey device from Friday morning.

The Brief History of Bitcoin Mining: How It All Started

The week after bitcoin mining reward halving, ForkLog decided to compile a short overview on the history of mining methods.

Ethereum Expands Across Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Ethereum’s native token, Ether (ETH) has once been nearly worthless. However, this year it has demonstrated immense growth. For instance, ETH managed to overtake the second position in market cap rankings, having ejected Ripple and Litecoin. These results could hardly seem surprising to those who witnessed the project’s recent activity.

Five First Bitcoin Exchanges of Ukraine

As bitcoin industry in Ukraine continues rapidly evolving, there are dozens of interesting bitcoin and blockchain-oriented projects. When it comes to bitcoin exchanges, the general situation leads to a fierce competition, including that for the title of Ukraine’s first exchange. Here are some cryptocurrency exchanges positioning themselves as Ukraine-based projects in one way or another. […]

BitStarz Interview: What awaits Bitcoin Gambling in 2016?

The online gambling industry has been an early adopter of cryptocurrency from the very beginning, however the next year might become the best year ever for crypto casinos. We talked with one of the industry’s major players on Bitcoin gambling prospects.

Quiz: Which cryptocurrency you are?

Learn which cryptocurrency resembles you best — take part in New Year’s quiz from Forklog editorial team!

BitcoinPenguin: More Gamblers Jump to Bitcoin Every Day

While casino business is a well-established industry, yet nowadays many governments restrict their citizens’ right to gamble and impose harsh regulations on casinos and all kinds of betting. Some countries even prohibit gambling completely. As the internet was expanding, the online casinos started to rise. However, the traditional online gambling had (and still has) some […]

Bitcoin skyscraper at night What Is Bitcoin Fork?

1 What is a fork? Bitcoin is an open-source software, so anybody can copy, change, and use it at their own discretion. Modification of the source code is called “fork”. In other words, any fork is a change of rules by which blocks in blockchain are validated. 2 What types of forks there are? There […]

How to Create a Cryptocurrency, and Who the Hell Needs It

Having known about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies some may think: why not creating mny own fork? Bitcoin community is abundant with experimentation fans, so ForkLog decided to cover the issue in details.

ForkLog Issues Crypto-securities for Crowd-funding

ForkLog launches its own crypto-securities via NXT Asset Exchange with crowd-funding supported by The project issues 1,300,000 shares overall, of which 1,000,000 are subject to sales with initial cost of 1 NXT.