5,000 WAVES Prize on Offer: World Series Crypto Trading Contest to be Held on Waves DEX

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Waves, a leading blockchain company and Web 3.0 pioneer, became the general sponsor of the World Series trading tournament (WSOC), shortly to be held on Waves DEX. Participation is free, and the winner will receive up to 5,000 WAVES in prize money!

“The World Series of crypto trading (WSOC) – is a platform that specialises in holding trading tournaments, inviting all exchanges and the whole crypto community to participate,” said Sasha Ivanov, founder and CEO of Waves. “We are convinced that the choice of Waves DEX exchange for the tournament by WSOC will provide complete transparency and reliability of the outcome. So let the battle begin!”

Registration opens on 23rd of May, and will last until 12th of June. The tournament itself will run from 13th of June 2 pm (UTC +3) to 20th of June 2 pm (UTC +3). Each participant needs Waves Keeper and Telegram to complete the registration process.

Participation is absolutely free. Every entrant will receive 100,000 dUSD (demo dollars) as a starting balance. The whole contest will be held on Waves DEX using five pairs of demo assets, and the whole event will be totally trustless, decentralised and transparent. Anyone who finishes with more than 100,000 dUSD will be entered into the prize pool.

Tournament rules

  • The entire tournament will take place on Waves DEX.
  • Trading will be performed across the following demo pairs of smart assets (dWAVES, dBTC and dETH):


  • Traders will have seven days to show their skills and generate maximum profit.
  • Trading bots are allowed.
  • Successful traders will share the prize fund.

Deposits for other assets, and withdrawal of these demo tokens, will not be available. Statistics for all traders’ results can be found in the tab on the main page of the WSOC. Personal statistics will be available in each user’s account information, or viewable using the filters in the tab on the main page. Trading fees will be paid from the user’s balance of WAVES.


By the end of the tournament all demo tokens for all traders will be frozen and their value in dUSD calculated at spot price. Traders with a final balance of over 100,000 dUSD will receive part of the prize fund. The pool of winners will be displayed in the Achievements tab on the main page of WSOC website.

The prize fund will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st place: 5,000 WAVES
  • 2nd place: 3,000 WAVES
  • 3rd place: 2,000 WAVES

The remaining winners will receive a share of 3,000 WAVES, divided in proportion to their trading profits above the initial capital of 100,000 dUSD.

To get more information and submit an application, please, proceed to the WSOC official website.

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