15 Famous Women of Bitcoin Industry


Bitcoin community, at least when it comes to news agenda, is represented mostly by men. However, it doesn’t mean that there are no women involved in crypto-technologies.

Thus, according to Zerohedge’s research of 2013, the bitcoin community’s demography depicts an average user as a male (96%) of 32 years of age, a libertarian or anarcho-capitalist (37%), an atheist (61%), and having a regular job (43%). 39% of bitcoin users do not smoke, do not use drugs or alcohol, and do not gamble.

It is quite possible that the picture has changed during last three years. However, those keeping their finger on the pulse of bitcoin news must agree that the most attention is drawn to men. It is men who prevail at different conferences; most of bitcoin developers are men, too; investors and entrepreneurs are also mostly male.
It seems pretty unfair that women are neglected in this regard. For that reason, ForkLog presents a list of the most prominent women of bitcoin.

Blythe Masters

She is possibly the most famous woman to engage with digital currencies and blockchain technology. Born in the UK, Masters is known as a brilliant economist and former top executive of JP Morgan Chase. In March 2015, she headed a New York-based startup Digital Assets Holdings specialized in blockchain solutions for banks and financial institutions.

Perianne Boring

Boring is the founder and the president of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, a Washington D.C.-based trade association focused on advocating digital currencies and assets before regulators. Boring is also keeping a blog titled Boring Bitcoin Report.

Lisa Cheng

Cheng is the founder of VANBEX, a consulting company for digital currencies, blockchain protocols and decentralized technologies. In addition, she is communications director at Ethereum.

Elizabeth Rosiello

A Columbia graduate, Elizabeth is a feminist. She is a co-founder and CEO at Nairobi-based startup BitPesa. The company builds a payment infrastructure in Africa providing its customers with fast and inexpensive transactions in bitcoin with money sent to mobile accounts.

Emily Spaven

Former Google employee, Spaven used to be CoinDesk‘s editor-in-chief. Currently she is an editor for Tech City News, where she pays much attention to bitcoin and blockchain.

Marina Guryeva

Guryeva is among Russia’s most renowned advocates of blockchain technology. She is a deputy head at the Center for Innovations at Russia’s High School of Economy, and a co-founder of CyberFund.

Ola Doudin

Founder of Dubai-based exchange BitOasis. She calls herself a nomad, an engineer, and claims she is keen on art and design.

Tatiana Moroz

Moroz is a singer-songwriter who amazed attendees at numerous conferences by singing her songs about peace, love, and bitcoin. She is the creator of TatianaCoin, the “first coin for artists”. Additionally, she is Bitcoin Magazine contributor.

Victoria van Eyk

Van Eyk says she is obsessed with anything related to bitcoin. There is no reason to doubt her words, as she founded Bitcoin Strategy Group, a consulting company, and works as community development vice-president at ChangeTip.

Paige Freeman

Freeman, a co-founder of Women in Bitcoin, is a vice-president for sales at BITNET, which had dveloped a payments management platform to enable merchants to accept digital currencies.

Fereshteh Forough

Forough plays a crucial role in popularizing bitcoin in Afghanistan, where she co-founded Women’s Annex foundation. Additionally, she has founded and leads Code to Inspire, a company helping young women of Afghanistan to learn coding.

Joyce Kim

Kim is a senior scientist at MIT Media Lab and executive director of Stellar, an open code platform enabling anyone to create inexpensive distributed financial products.

Connie Gallippi

Founder and CEO of NPO BitGive Foundation, Gallippi intends to use bitcoin’s potential to enhance health care and ecology maintenance systems across the globe.

Elizabeth Stark

Stark is an entrepreneur and an expert on future technologies. She founded StartBitcoin.org by gathering several entrepreneurs interested in promoting digital currencies and blockchain technology. She previously professed economy, laws and social impact of the internet at Stanford and Yale.

Rhian Lewis

Lewis is one of CountMyCrypto‘s lead developers. The startup offers a cryptocurrency calculator and altcoin monitoring services. Additionally, she is co-founder of London Bitcoin Women.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to list all women related to bitcoin, blockchain and digital currencies. In fact, there are many of them, and there is no doubt there will be even more over time.

by Andrew Asmakov

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